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Every electric car needs a charge station, a device that interfaces between the wall plug and the plug-in location on your car. This device is called EVSE - Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. EVSEs can be expensive, ranging from $600 to $2,000 per unit, with most of the higher-powered units required by the latest electric vehicles going for about $1,000.

Electric Car Expert provides a high quality DIY kit which you can use to construct an EVSE for less than $600 - about $500 less than a comparable unit sold at retail. We provide the parts and meticulously detailed assembly instructions, you provide the labor.

The kit is based on the popular OpenEVSE controller board. The unit allows a wide variety of power settings - from 1.4kW to 80kW.

Reel EVSE, the case, is a clear acrylic housing shaped like a reel or large bobbin. One may easily wind the power cable around Reel EVSE's body when not in use. Reel EVSE also makes assembly easier because you can install all of the parts on a flat open surface before assembling the rest of the case.

You can purchase either the case only and supply your own electronics parts, or you can purchase a complete kit with all the parts you need, including cables.

Reel EVSE enclosure - $95.00

  • Easy cable management
  • Easily wall mounted
  • Transparent - see your electronics
  • Convenient assembly and disassembly

Complete OpenEVSE assembly kit - all components included - $599.00

  • All parts provided - lower shipping costs, less hassle
  • Detailed instructions with color photos
  • LCD display
  • Customizable power settings
  • Thick, quality cables

Reel EVSE enclosure Complete OpenEVSE assembly kit