Electric Car Test Drive Checklist

Electric Car Test Drive Checklist

Posted 07.25.2012 in Articles by Dan

When test driving an electric vehicle, there are a specific set of questions and inquiries to be made just for electric vehicles. From specifics about the battery to eco-effecient driving modes to MPGe or the rebates offered for electric cars. Below is a checklist to take with on your electric test drive to ensure that all the bases are covered and you leave knowing all there is to know from the test drive.

Before your test drive: 

  1. What is the battery life expectancy?
  2. What are the estimated charge times for the different charge levels?
  3. Does the vehicle come with a charger or is there an extra cost?
  4. Is there a battery warranty? If so, how long is it?
  5. How is the battery cooled?
  6. If you are test driving a pure electric, what is the range?
  7. If you are test driving a plug-in hybrid, what is the range and the mpg?
  8. Are all features standard? Or are there different levels of models with different features?

During your test drive:

  1. What is the top speed?
  2. What is the "freeway speed range?"
  3. Are there different driving modes?
  4. How effective and noticeable is the regenerating breaking?
  5. If the vehicle has navigation, is a list or map of charging stations available?
  6. Is there a voice command or hands free system?

After your test drive:

  1. What federal tax credits or state rebates are available for your purchase or lease?




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